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April 13, 2021
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Common Mistakes You Must Avoid When Selecting a Web Hosting Provider

It’s true that selecting the best web hosting companies in Malaysia is a challenging job. It is even more difficult if you are a beginner. Don’t worry, though. With a bit of research, you can educate yourself about the most important things. Selecting the right web hosting provider contributes a lot to your business’ success, so you need to take everything seriously.

Below are some of the most common mistakes people make about this.

1. Failure to check customer reviews

No matter how reputable the web hosting provider appears, you must always double check their credentials and reputation. Always check web hosting reviews. Look for important details on website security, loading speed and downtime.

2. Failure to review web hosting plan features and restrictions

When comparing different hosting plan features, don’t forget to check the restrictions that also come with it. These restrictions can make a huge impact on your website revenue, most especially if it can hurt your business routine, and push for an expensive migration to a new web host.

3. Going for a free web hosting account

Free web hosting account are absolutely fine for hobbyists. However, if you want to generate income from your website, a free web hosting account is not a great idea. Free hosting is a poor choice when it comes to professional purposes. It can impact your online business is a number of negative ways:

  • Limitations on integrations, scripts, number of products and page counts
  • Limitations on SEO that can impact your search engine visibility
  • Required or forced scripts and ads–these can send your web traffic outside your own
  • Slow loading times that can negatively impact conversions

4. Signing up based on price alone

As a startup brand, you must be very careful with how you manage your budget. However, don’t just choose a web hosting plan and company based on a low price alone. Selecting based on price alone can lead to higher expenses along the way. Weigh your options all the time. Understand and know the ins and outs of each web hosting plan before finalizin the deal.

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