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April 13, 2021
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Web Design 101: Effective Landing Page Tips

Do you think it’s important for you to utilize landing pages in your website strategy? Remember that they primary key to effective landing pages is simplicity. Cluttering your website design means messing with your visitors’ minds. Your conversion rates would decrease. Landing pages, however, are much simpler to build. Below are helpful suggestions.

Create instant connection with your readers.  

Your landing page should communicate a crystal-clear message to customers and readers. Focus on what your business is trying to offer, and highlight your value proposition.

Don’t incorporate navigation features.

Don’t let readers “navigate” on your landing page. Navigation on landing pages mean pushing readers away. They only need to click one button, then all important information should be presented from there.

Incorporate an appropriate, high-quality image.

Many landing pages just feature one image. Never overthink it. Just make sure that the photo shows what exactly your offerings. Choose an image that is relevant and captivating.

Include value-based copies.

Landing pages should be straight to the point. Tell them the real value of your offering. Highlight effective sales copies, and present an engaging problem-solution sequence.

Include simple forms.

Your landing page needs to have a form with limited fields. The results should be measured well. In order to get a good outcome, you should try your best to incorporate simple, shorter forms. Avoid open-ended questions and difficult requests.

Put attractive buttons.

Engaging buttons are the unsung heroes of successful landing pages. This button should combine good copywriting and design best practices. That way, your readers would act positively on your offers. Make sure that your copies are specific and clear. Always write in first person.

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