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May 7, 2021
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10 Web Design Trends to Rule the Internet in 2020


Animations have been a very big thing among web design agencies since their evolution, and they are expected to continue to grow in the future too. With rich animations, increasing numbers of designs are being implemented in the form of gifs images, SVG, CSS and more.


Cinemagraphs have been in the trend for a while now, and they’re probably one of the best ones you’ll see on the list. A Cinemagraph is not technically a gif, but a still picture that only brings one or two elements in. The aim is to bring a different still image (scene) to life.

Geometric Shapes

The use of geometric shapes in patterns in web design is one of those aspects that will never go out of fashion. Hundreds of web designers can already be seen making use of custom shapes, modern patterns, lines, circles and other elements to bring uniqueness into their website designs.

Parallax and Advance Scrolling

Parallax Web Design is somewhat a new element that is used in their designs by several web designers. It involves creating a visual setting where the object appears to be moving, or when viewed from different angles it appears differently. Even with video and multi-layered parallax, this type of design is possible.

Mobile Friendly

The mobile responsive interface has just begun to gain momentum and it’s here to stay. If your company has visitors coming from smartphones and tablet devices, the value of mobile friendly Web designs should not be overlooked. Even search engines such as Google have made it clear that they will no longer entertain those websites that are not compatible with mobile search.

Spaces and Grids

The days of web design being limited to organized grids and columns are gone. Modern designs are all about chaos, where designers create ultra-modern designs using irregular grids. The white (blank) room is now gaining more value than ever.

Lazy Loading

The reason why lazy loading designs are increasing in demand is that there is an increasing need for lighter and quicker loading designs.

Don’t get tangled up. Lazy charging does not specifically mean slow charging.

It refers to the design of a web page where different design elements appear at the point of need. So when you’re moving down a web page, new information will be exposed.

Full Screen Layout

Lately, the trend of adding forms to the homepage is also growing. Many designers now prefer to place full-screen forms such as subscription forms, contact forms, etc. right on their web design homepage to make use of these features easier for site visitors.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization remains one of the most important elements on a website. Many on-page SEO strategies speak of optimizing web page design elements. That’s why many web designers now get to know the basic SEO strategies to incorporate the right SEO stuff in their designs. The speed of the website refers to how fast a browser can load its web pages. People avoid websites which are slow and switch to others.

Website Speed

Website speed will always be trendy, Lazy load is good, but in order to make a website really fast, you also need to be concerned with HTML / CSS / js compression along with image optimization.

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