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May 7, 2021
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Search Intent

Why is search intent important?

What is search intent? It is what a specific user wants and expects to show up in a web search. Google takes into account every user’s search intent in every search engine results page. Make sure to adjust your SEO strategy based on user intent.

Depending on content marketing strategy alone is not a beneficial move. Yes, all searches are based on certain keywords, but there still tons of work left to do.

An Example of Search Intent Gone Wrong

Let’s look at this phrase—near me.

Since many people are already searching through mobile, they want more options—from reviews to directions. This is their intent. They want to see what particular business is near them. Because of the huge volume of “near me” searches, several companies already decided that this is the SEO real estate they are looking for. They need this so stand out from the competition.

The result? Plenty of blogs and other web pages with awkward statements. When you ignore search intent, everything will result to awkward and wrong phrases and keywords. Don’t ignore the essence behind every search because you’re the best seo consulting company. You need to grab the attention of users who might be interested in your products, but are not in the perfect place to come to you.

Different Types of Search Intent


This type of search typically mean that the person is at the final stage of contemplation, and is very ready to make a final choice. Specific product types and brand names make a search more transactional.


We are all in constant need of information. Users are always looking for new information, trying to solve a problem, and looking for answers to their questions.


When we are looking for local businesses, we always end up in official websites. Several brand searches end up in this category.

Search Terms Get More Specific Over Time

What is the big issue? Well, various search terms are becoming more and more ambiguous. It’s very easy to commit errors, and mistake one search intent for another.

Fortunately, search intent turns clearer as time passes. It becomes clearer as the user gets more facts and criteria.

You’re Missing the Market Without Search Intent

Search intent coincides carefully with every step of the buyer’s journey. It’s easy to see this in B2C, yet the same concept is active for B2B purchases.

What is the challenge for digital marketers and businesses?

Focus on the different clues users provide you. Give them that specific content that they need and want. At some point, you will be tempted to disregard user intent to twist a particular keyword’s meaning. This might increase your search visibility for a short while, but it can soon contribute to your bounce rate.