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May 7, 2021
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Skeleton Watches for Men and Women: Finding the Best Skeleton Timepiece

1. Men’s Hamilton Railroad Skeleton Watch

You’ll never go wrong with sophisticated Swiss watchmaking. The Hamilton Watch Company is a reputable watchmaker that is known for its high-quality wrist watches. If you want your first skeleton watch to be one-of-a-kind, consider this brand. Its multi-colored mechanism is stunning, and its black leather strap gives out an opulent vibe.

2. Ladies’ Sekonda Watch 2311

This Sekonda watch is a top skeleton timepiece for ladies. For women who love cleanliness, simplicity and beauty, this big-faced timepiece model is for you. Its big circular face comes with heaps of charm. Moreover, the black leather watch strap is a timeless element that goes well with silver mechanism.

3. Men’s Fossil Townsman Automatic Watch

There are plenty of men’s watches in Malaysia, but few of them will surely meet and exceed your expectations. Sometimes, it’s best to settle with a reputable watch brand like Fossil. Fossil is recognized not only for its retro aesthetics and rustic leather, but also for using advanced technology with classy representations. The Townsman Automatic Skeleton timepiece is the perfect watch for fishing, hiking and swimming.

4. Ladies Zeppelin Princess Automatik Watch

Women’s watches are everywhere, but this automatic watch definitely stands out. In fact, it is one of the most well-known skeleton watches in the market right now. Its classy white leather creates a pretty background for all the intricacies of its dial, making it a timepiece fit for a princess. Clearly, it is a picture of simplicity and purity.

5. Men’s Rotary Exclusive Skeleton Automatic Watch

This automatic skeleton watch combines contemporary stylishness with traditional watchmaking. It fuses advanced skeletonized automatic movements with a stainless-steel case, hand-winding function and white dial protected by a luxurious mineral glass.

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