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May 7, 2021
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Top Web Design Trends

Are you planning to build your own website this 2019? What do you think is the most crucial thing that you should do? Build and maintain a good customer experience. As a web designer from the best website design company in Malaysia, you should continue to strive and work towards the satisfaction of your end users.

What is the key to excellent customer satisfaction? Efficient performance. Work your way towards your potential readers and customers’ hearts. From there, you should build a great relationship.

Here are a list of the different trends that can help you with website design in 2019.

1.Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing (NLP) is a vital technique in web design. Intelligent conversational bots and other NLP technologies help the server or computer to determine what exactly the users are searching for.

Do you enjoy talking to Siri and Alexa? Then, you’ve already experienced how awesome and helpful NLPs are.

2.Micro Website Interactions

Facebook was the platform which introduced micro interaction to most internet users. Now, apart from “like,” you can also react using other emotions. This bring engagement to your social media profiles. This is what increased engagement and conversion are all about.

This would be a perfect element for your website. Surely, your readers and customers would love to interact and react to your content without refreshing or reloading the web page.

3.Negative Space

It’s time to say goodbye to glamorous and flashy website designs. Layouts which take too long to load will no longer be a thing this 2019. Negative spaces, also recognized as white spaces, will set the face of web design this coming year. Think about how you can utilize the white spaces in your web pages. Just make sure that whatever you do, the outcome would lead towards conversions.

4.Simple Typography

Multiple fonts would definitely annoy your website visitors. Minimalism is an emerging trend, so simple design elements have vital significance. You can also replace flashy photos with colorful and artistic fonts.

Utilizing good typography can chance the loading times of your web pages. As you replace your high-resolution images with beautiful fonts, you are building a pipeline that can recommend negative spaces to the public. This pipeline will be the basis of your call to actions, and logos—the most crucial part of your business’ branding.


This 2019, we will gradually move away from videos and static images. It is the time of the cinemagraph. Dynamic creation snippets can weave magic to your websites. Since your goal is to drive in more conversion, you should ensure cinemagraphs can drive in better performances, and more efficient mobile-first techniques.

6.Trigger-Scrolling Animations

We have been using scrolled animations for a long time now. On 2019, web designers should continue to incorporate these in their layouts. Creating animations which are driven by minimalist designs is crucial in improving conversion and engagement rates.

What is the primary objective of an animation strategy? Its goal is to encourage further scrolling that can drive in more individuals to the conversion point of your funnel. As you tell people about your products and services, you will gain more and more conversion.

7.Progressive Web Applications

Applications are important parts of mobile-responsive designs. Today, more and more professionals are developing apps that can deliver a wide range of functionality to end users.

Are you interested on working on your own progressive web apps? Well, you should also work on the renovations and upgrades of your websites, from splash screens and animated transitions to push notifications and offline mode.

An example of a website with a progressive app? Facebook.

8.Conversational Intelligent Bots

The people’s endless interests on mobile applications are making conversational intelligent bots possible. If you are gearing towards this trend, there are many ways in which you can implement the bots. Why not do a Q and A session? Do something creative and unique your website visitors will surely love.

Creativity, combined with intelligence, can drive potential readers and customers’ interests towards your apps. This will further increase the conversion on your websites.

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